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March 2022

Poor Widdle Will Smith

Great. Will Smith slaps Chris Rock at the Oscar's last night, and then all the stars rush out to comfort... no, not Chris Rock but Will Smith!

Get a life, Will. Stars and their wives have been the butt of tasteless jokes since television began. Get over it. And if you can't, then boo, hiss, or walk out. And if you can't do that, then take an anger management course.

For, to paraphrase Sir Toby in "Twelfth Night":

"Because thou art virtuous, shall there be no more irreverent humor about celebrity couples?"

DISCLAIMER: Frankly, I've always had trouble watching Will Smith in feel-good roles, especially where he's a kind father and mentor, as in "King Richard." Will has always struck me as one of those smiling faces that has a lot of pent up anger inside, like a bottle of shaken soda that is just waiting for somebody to dare to pull the pop-top and get Will going. Don't get me wrong: Will plays a great caring person in films, but I always have the feeling that this caring behavior is conditional upon folks treating him "just so." Otherwise all bets are off. This selfish outburst on Will's part assures me that my suspicions about the actor's ever-smoldering innards are not complete imagination on my part.

Take a chill pill, Will. Get together with Chris Rock and pop some Ecstasy, why don't ya? Let's get some peace, love and understanding up in this joint!

NEWS FLASH: Will Smith just apologized and said he was 'wrong' and 'out of line'. Bravo. Will's stock has just rebounded on the Wall Street of my mind. By God, I may even delete this post before you know it. I'm sure the free world is waiting to see what happens next.

As Richard Crenna observed in "Wrongfully Accused," this story has "more twists and turns than Chubby Checker in a blender."

The slap reminds me of an incident long ago at the start of Robin Williams fame.

He was on SNL cracking jokes a mile a minute and he made some cracks about the movie "My Left Foot," and the movie's star Daniel Day-Lewis was in the front row and you could tell he was "fit to be tied" and shouting (tho' inaudible to the audience) -- but before you knew it, Williams was on to other jokes, so I don't know if he was ever slapped behind the curtain by Daniel.

I'm surprised Stephen Fry was never slapped. He was hosting the British Bafta Awards and he made the following crack in announcing the nomination of "Twelve Years a Slave."

FRY: "I kind of wished it was '24 Years a Slave,' that's just how good the movie was."

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