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July 2018

Valerie Jarrett's Missed Opportunity

how she could have made the Roseanne Barr incident a truly 'teachable moment'

Valerie Jarrett should meet with Roseanne Barr, shake her hands in a photo op, and publicly forgive her. This show of magnanimity would not only help bring the races together, but it would lessen the political divide in this country by bringing left and right closer together as well. Perhaps the show "Roseanne" could even continue, with a new emphasis on exploring race relations in America in a productive and, yes, humorous manner. Instead, the Democrats appear determined to get all of the political mileage out of Roseanne's blunder that they can, while the right increasingly views the actress as a victim of political correctness. And so the rift grows.

It was Martin Luther King who said that the ultimate reality was love. If Valerie Jarrett shares that view, she should do our divided country a big favor and publicly forgive Roseanne Barr. That's the "teachable moment" that America really needs: a moment that teaches the power of love and forgiveness.

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