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July 2018


Bless you.

Hello, gentle reader. (sigh!) I just found leisure to post the following comment on a website called, under an article entitled The Religious Freedom Restoration Act and the DEA Religious Exemption Process by a certain Gayle Highpine. (Is that her real name?) Well, I say I posted it. Actually, it seems that my comment is "awaiting moderation" -- which is a shame really, because I thought that my comments were already pretty moderate to begin with. There's no need for some third party to couch my thoughts in still more moderate terms, lest the whole point of my miniature sally be obscured by excessive verbal temporizing. (Really? Gayle Highpine?... I'm just sayin'!)

We're in Alice's Wonderland when plants can be made illegal and a heavily armed DEA gets to decide what qualifies as a "true" religion -- a question that must have as many answers as there are theologians. I appreciate that the DEA thinks that it's keeping us safe, but if that were really the case, they'd be cracking down on addictive SSRI's and alcohol, long before they'd worry about what non-addictive plants an American may be growing in his or her own private garden. And so we see: the Protestants of yore may have given up on persecuting witches, but their 21st-century descendants are still, to this day, suppressing the powerful medicinal plants that those witches were using.

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