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May 2018
How Fandango Now on Roku is officially the worst streaming service in the world

Fandango Later

Much Later

OK, I just watched 3/4 of Island Zero, only to be kicked out of the movie by the bug-ridden Fandango Now Roku app. But not to worry: after holding only 20 minutes on the phone, Fandango Now costumer service assured me that my issue had been escalated and I will hear back from technical support within three days.

Three days???????????

Fandango Now, they call it? How about Fandango Later: Fandango MUCH Later?

This is the third movie in a row during which the Fandango Now Roku app has given me the boot in the middle of a movie and then hidden the "resume" button so that I could not continue viewing. Then, after logging out in the hopes of somehow resetting the buggy software, I discover that Fandango Now will not let me log back in as it no longer recognizes the password that I have been using without problem for the last three months.

I believe that Fandango Now must be owned by Amazon with a view toward making Amazon-phobes like myself give up on alternatives and watch movies under the auspices of Jeff Bezos and company.

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