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March 2018

Why I Boycott YouTube

(It's the commercials, stupid!)

I am not going to sit through old-school TV commercials in order to have the privilege of watching dubious snippets produced by God-knows-whom online.

I'm curious about what's out there, but not that curious. I have no desire to enrich a billionaire company like Google, especially when that company is gaining its loot by reproducing an irritating funding paradigm that should have died out with the offline television set itself, dictating to the viewer what he or she WILL SEE (thank you very much) or else!

Is this really the best funding paradigm that Google could come up with for supporting online video producers: TV commercials? a financing model that everyone has loathed since the 1950s?

Think about it: Google hires nothing but the eggiest of eggheads, and yet this is what they come up with? Makes you think that creativity and IQ don't necessarily go together.

Of course, the problem is that Google's number-one interest isn't supporting online video makers, but rather making money itself hand over fist.

Hey, Google. Here's an idea for a new logo for you:

First, do nothing incredibly irritating (especially when it smacks of the worst manipulative, top-down, dictatorial and greedy corporate commercial practices of the analog 20th century, which, until recently, some of us thought we were leaving behind when we went online).

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