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March 2018

Donald Trump: Just another fascist in the hypocritical drug wars

Now Donald Trump calls for the death penalty for drug dealers. Hmm. I wonder if that's going to include the makers of Effexor and Venlafaxine, who pushed the product on the market without warning about its severe addictive potential and who then, when the potential became obvious to millions of addicted users, refused to offer any withdrawal advice for its victims?

Trump doesn't want a war on drugs: he wants a war on psycho-pharmaceutical products for which Wall Street is not getting their "cut" of the profits.

When is the psychiatric establishment going to fight back against the despotic habit in the United States of letting political demagogues pronounce on the efficacy of medications? We pride ourselves these days in recognizing the despotism of the Inquisition in attempting to outlaw science in the case of Galileo; yet today's scientists have nothing to gloat over since they are acquiescing in a system every bit as intolerant, as fascist demagogues force science to shut up and accept the verdicts of politicians when it comes to the potential therapeutic benefit of certain promising substances.

Where does this leave us? With legal medications that addict the hell out of patients while not solving any problems, while promising natural and non-addictive medicines like psilocybin are not simply criminalized but are rendered illegal even to research -- in order that Caesar (as Terence Mckenna puts it) may hear only that which is pleasing to Caesar.

The US Government is a tyrant when it comes to drug policy and is playing the role of the Inquisition in the time of Galileo, forcing every scientist to bow the knee to popular prejudices and to forswear even the investigation of substances that the ignorant powers-that-be have declared off-limits.

These Drug War fascists have no problem with addicting the American people: That's where the profits lie, in all those medications that psychiatrists blandly tell us we will have to take for life. What they won't tolerate are medicines that they perceive as a threat to Wall Street, since the benefits derived don't emphasize greed in the substance taker and don't require repeated doses that buoy corporate bottom lines.

Still waiting for the psychiatric world to play Galileo to the modern version of the Inquisition, insisting that medicines be evaluated for psychological benefits, not by demagogue politicians but by actual scientific research.

This is such flagrant despotism that one hates to painstakingly adduce evidence of its existence, lest the sheer volume of protest points delude the reader into thinking this is a complicated issue. It's not. The US government is tyrannically destroying lives in a battle against religious freedom and scientific independence, while sending millions quite unnecessarily to jail. And now Trump wishes to add a greater body-count as a legacy to his cruel ignorance by killing "drug dealers," by which he simply means anyone selling substances of which ignorant fascist demagogues like himself might disapprove.

Needless to say this doesn't include alcohol and cigarettes, since it's never the death-inducing quality of substances of which these ignorant fascists disapprove. It's the fact that these drugs bypass the corporate world and may conduce (so they fear) to a mind set that doesn't place greed at the very top of its hierarchy of values.

Copyright 2017, Brian Quass (follow on Twitter)