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February 2018
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>> Last week my Samsung S7 caught on fire and began shooting out two-feet-long fireworks, burning my carpet and ruining a nearby appliance. When I took the charred device in to a Verizon Wireless store, they told me that my phone would not be replaced unless I had used the correct charger.

I'm like: When I plugged the phone in, the S7 told me that it would charge faster if I used the charger that came with the device; it did NOT tell me that it would burn down my condo if I failed to use the original charger!

So after loudly warning in-store S7 users of the danger, I stalked out of the store and went straight to Sprint, ending Verizon's despotic 30-year control over my phone bill.

Imagine that: having your condo burn down and then having to continue paying Verizon for the device that did it. Shows how gullible the cash-rich and self-satisfied Verizon has come to think that its customers are.

>> Turns out the Norwegian word for sailboat is pronounced SAH-EH-LEE-BO. At least that's the way two kids in this Norwegian drama pronounced the word when their father talks about buying them a boat. They're both like: "OK, but we want a SAH-EH-LEE-BO!"

And the dad's probably like: "But a SAH-EH-LEE-BO is expensive, KIDS-EH-LEE-BO!"

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