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January 2018

Where are the Jacobins when you need them?

Still waiting for the mob mentality to do me some good. Masculine movers and shakers are rushing around all over the place, frantic to make sure they're jumping high enough to satisfy the #metoo movement on the subject of sexual harassment. But don't for one minute tell me that this means that everybody's suddenly turned pious. No, we're only as pious as our self-interest dictates. So trust men to "hop to it" when there's even a hint of sexual harassment, but to stay mum when any literally criminal outrage is perpetrated in the name of financial gain.

Take me, for instance. I was swindled out of $700 four years ago by a bot-scam entitled Radio Airplay, a service that purportedly found "fans" for struggling musicians like myself. They found me fans, all right, but none of them of flesh and blood.

Now, if we had even 1/2 the outrage on the subject of online thievery that we have over sexual harassment these days (thanks to the nonstop feeding frenzy of the Washington Post and PBS NewsHour who have covered almost nothing else for the last three months, leaving Americans to conclude that there's a massive conspiracy afoot by men to thwart women at every turn), CD Baby would not only listen to my complaints on this subject, but they would actually rush to unilaterally "turn in" Radio Airplay to the appropriate authorities, lest the mob's anathema to ripoffs should recoil on them for their lack of action to combat such crime.

But not a bit of it. CD Baby says it's none of their business what their advertisers do -- and so while worried CEOs rush to retroactively punish decades-old allegations of sexual harassment at the behest of radical feminists (under the Washington Post theory that alleged harassers should be "ruined"), Radio Airplay & CD Baby waltz around helping to rip musicians off, and absolutely nobody cares: not Radio Airplay, not CD Baby, not ASCAP, not the FBI, not, not the newspapers in Portland, Oregon, where CD Baby is headquartered. I've contacted all these parties, and surprise, surprise: no one's outraged at bald-faced thievery. No one is prepared to do one single thing to help me get my stolen money back.

So don't let this pious rush to agree with the #metoo movement fool you into thinking that Americans have suddenly found morality. No, they've only found expediency and self-interest. When they find morality, I'll let you know, 'cause then Americans will start considering thievery to be a crime again, and will stop excusing it if it should happen online, as if to say: all's fair in love, war, and on the Internet.

Earth to the hypocritically pious mob: crime is still crime, wherever it happens to take place.

Copyright 2017, Brian Quass (follow on Twitter)