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January 2018

Me Not So Much

Coming soon: concentration camps for men accused of decades-old sexual innuendo!

Well, I guess John Oliver is officially the Robespierre of the MeToo movement, as he boldly informed the blindsided Dustin Hoffman that "accusers don't lie." Well, gee, that does make jurisprudence much easier, don't it?

This after Post columnist Alyssa Rosenberg recently called for the RUIN of everyone accused of sexual harassment.

Personally, I don't think Alyssa goes far enough. I think we need to bring back concentration camps to show these men we mean business!

Mind you, I'm joking, but that's dangerous to do these days, since in the current mob climate, the villagers at the castle door might overhear me and put my facetious ideas into action.

By the way, is it even legal for me to have these views of the current furor? The ruling PC junta will probably consider dissenting viewpoints as hate speech and sideline me -- if, indeed, it's possible to be sidelined any further than a relatively unconnected commentator already is who refuses to "pay to play" with Google AdWords.

Well, call me old-fashioned but I believe in the rule of law. I believe, furthermore, that vague but ominous-sounding charges of "sexual abuse" are slander when they confute alleged decades-old incidents of risque innuendo with recent allegations of actual bodily rape.

And what about these uber-successful millionaire women like Ellen DeGeneres proudly announcing their own victim status? Ellen DeGeneres, the poor wallflower, the woman you can't imagine standing up for herself? Are you telling me that Ellen never made a sexually related comment in her life that made a male co-worker uneasy?

And what about the rule of law? What about the rights of defendants? Since when is social media the go-to platform for adjudicating often nuanced cases?

Oh, right, I forgot my Mob 101. No nuances allowed.

Still, I love the fact that this is so unfair! Because it really boosts my morale. I used to think that as a philosophy major, I had nothing to offer and then the world was far ahead of me in moral and ethical knowledge, not to mention logical reasoning.

Turns out it's not so. I really AM smarter than these people, as proven by their roughshod disregard for defendant rights and due process.

So, kudos to the villagers at the castle door: thanks for the boost in self-confidence!

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