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December 2017

Henry David Thoreau vs Silicon Valley

Clash of the Mindsets

Remember Thoreau? The dude who went to the woods because he wanted to live deliberately? Well, let's hope that Henry doesn't come back to haunt 21st-century America because he would find that his quaint philosophy of life has gone decidedly out of fashion.

Nowadays one only goes to the woods, if at all, to chop them down. It's the age of efficiency after all. A trip to the woods is just so many wasted steps. Besides, I don't know how we'd even get to a place as abstractly referenced as "the woods." If Thoreau wants us to join him in the boonies, spiritually speaking, then let him give us the physical address of these woods of which he speaks. How else are we going to ask Siri for directions?

And as far as Thoreau's plans to (and I quote) "suck out all the marrow of life," that sounds pretty labor-intensive to me. I think I'll just sit at home binge-watching while I wait for the unveiling of an app that will do most of that sucking for me.

Nothing personal, Henry, but the physical world is just SO 20th century!

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