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November 2017

The Macy's Day Charade

Commercialism on stilts... and floats and banners...

Checked out the Macy's Day parade on telly. I didn't realize how commercial the danged thing has become. Each float seemed to be the handiwork of some international corporation, and the float descriptions by the talking heads were just so many commercial advertisements for the float makers, probably written by the corporations themselves. That was bad enough, but then NBC had the nerve to run traditional advertisements as well, many of them featuring products from the corporations that created the floats. Since the whole parade was one long advertisement, you'd think they at least could have rewarded the viewer by sparing them the more traditional commercial interruptions!

Thought thanksgiving was about giving thanks for harvests and whatnot. Silly me.

Instead, I have to re-imagine the original feast:

Pilgrim: Before we partake, folks, I'd like to thank Betty Crocker for providing the various recipes for today's repast. Betty Crocker: bringing comfort food to the New World since 1604.

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