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June 2017
Radically wrong reasoning in 'Free Cece', documentary by Jac Gares

Gilding the Leftist Lily

The folks in this documentary want to have it both ways:

CeCe was in solitary confinement; hence the system is evil.

But had she been housed with the prisoners at large, that would have been denounced as a terrible evil as well, and by the self-same people who declared that the solitary confinement was evil.

Why can't the left be happy with making a point? They have to gild the lily with outrageous and palpably false statements like:

"There was no chance of CeCe being treated fairly."

No chance? In a country that elected Barack Obama for two terms?

It's never good enough for the left that SOME whites are racists: whenever they argue, it's got to be every white (except, by implication, for themselves, of course) -- and when they don't want to name the names of the system's racists (because the white prosecutor in this case is too reasonable to make nasty labels stick and, indeed, one of the detectives himself is black) they resort to abstractions: "Oh, the 'system' is corrupt," thus conveniently shielding themselves from actual logical debate by alluding vaguely to some academic moral schema that apparently only the anointed (like Angela Davis) are aware of and can properly understand. Thus for the left, a knowing smirk takes the place of a logical rebuttal to one's critics.

Yes, there is a segment of white society that is racist -- but if we're to be honest, there is also an even larger segment of white society that would bend over backwards for blacks, not only to not be racist, but to not even APPEAR to be so. If there's any fear of unfair treatment from that latter group, it's that their worries about appearing racist will result in them giving preferential treatment to minority suspects over their Caucasian counterparts. Race baiters like Al Sharpton and Angela Davis know this and use the phenomena to stake out the most radical positions, knowing that this appearance-conscious white elite won't dare criticize for fear of losing their PC standing in the civil rights community.

Yes, America has a ways to go in fighting racism, but it is counterproductive and factually wrong to keep insisting that we as a society are always starting from square one. If anything, it takes race relations BACKWARDS as such an attitude is continually lambasting the most kindhearted of white Americans by confounding their colorblind goodness with the race-based hate crimes of Nazi skinheads, as if that's a sustainable way forward, to consider blacks as saints and whites as morally damaged goods, genetically speaking. That's a far cry from "the content of their character" criterion that Martin Luther King championed.

And by the way, "No justice, no peace" is an anti-democratic slogan that has no place in America. It's a way of implicitly threatening jurors to decide cases based on PC sensibilities rather than on the facts of a given case." It's like saying, "Give us the result we want or we'll wreck the town!" (as opposed to fighting back through the many peaceful means that a democratic society makes possible). Those who use the phrase may not know what they're saying, but they'll be guilty all the same the next time a non-PC verdict results in a town full of burned-out store fronts.


HYPERBOLE 1: Cece says she only took the second-degree manslaughter plea deal once she knew "they started to demonize me and just glorify him [the victim]"

NOTE: The documentary adduces absolutely zero evidence that anybody ever glorified the deceased.

It's interesting that the LG

HYPERBOLE 2: Kylar Broadus says, "If she had gone to trial, she would have been in jail for the rest of her life."

NOTE: This after attorney Izek said that the plea deal was offered because the jury pool was looking favorably on CeCe's case. See how these supporters change the facts of the case in an instant if it will support their arguments. One second, CeCe has a friendly jury ahead of her, the next, the same theoretical jury is going to punish her to the maximum extent of the law.

HYPERBOLE 3: screen graphic:

CeCe McDonald survived a fascist hate crime; now she's sentenced as she struggles to survive an ongoing state hate crime...

NOTE: This quote is attributed to:
Leslie Feinberg, a "Jewish, transgender lesbian revolutionary," and it represents all that is wrong with both the transgender and the lesbian community: their most vocal activists always "lead with hyperbole" so often directed at anonymous people or systems, thereby shielding them from the charges of slander that might otherwise so easily be brought and proved against them.

Here's the typical leftist strategy employed here:

If you can't win with logical argument, slander your enemy with the worst possible labels. Just unilaterally declare them fascists and perpetrators of a hate crime. If your opponents don't come across as such, no problem. Just direct your charges at the system as a whole. The system isn't a person, so there's no one to refute your slanderous outrage.


The stabbing victim was only 18. Although no attention was given to his upbringing, we can assume it was far from ideal. Can we have no sympathy at all for him, as a person who never had the chance to reform and might have eventually done so? CeCe sees him as nothing but a monster and seems to regret only that she was charged for his murder. Perhaps the original charges wouldn't have been murder had CeCe evinced a little sorrow for the incident, even while maintaining that she had had no other choice but to brandish a pair of scissors.


NONSENSE 1: First CeCe says that the Department of Corrections wouldn't let her wear "shorts or things that accentuate my body or my curves." Then, in the very next sentence, she says: "They hyper-sexualized me in their own manner."

NOTE: Here we see another radical leftist strategy of always assuming that your opponent has the worst possible motive for whatever they do, even when that ungenerous assumption breaks the law of Occam's Razor (a philosophical test of argumentative rigor of whose existence the left seem totally unaware). Surely, the DOC was doing CeCe a FAVOR to forbid her "accentuating" her feminized body in an all-male prison! But since that argument doesn't fit with CeCe's aggrieved narrative, they ignore such possibilities. The nonsense here becomes even more obvious when we remember the previously stated fears of CeCe's friends that a trans woman would not be safe in a men's prison. For it's not clear to me how her safety is to be enhanced by CeCe wearing shorts and accentuating her body. But logical consistency is not the strong suit of these shape-changing advocates for the radical left: instead, they just throw enough mud at their philosophical opponents in the cynical expectation that some of it will stick.

CeCe herself seems to be confused on these points. Her penchant for talking leads her into rapid-fire contradictions of her own talking points, a la Donald Trump and his tweeting, and so CeCe would be her own worst enemy, were anyone in the media other than myself paying close attention to what she actually says.

Despite her insinuations of unfairness, she goes on to admit herself that the DOC was adding rules so that she would "be safe," although she dismissively places those two words in air quotes. But then she comes up with a whole new argument against the clothing rules: it seems they were wrong because she was already in prison, and therefore no dress code would help her: if something was going to happen, it was going to happen. Right. That's like refusing to wear a life vest on an ocean-bound voyage, for the reason that you're in the big all-powerful ocean, so if you're going to drown, you're going to drown!

Having assigned this bizarre rationale to the dress code, she continues with yet a new charge, claiming that the DOC was trying to "take away" her "trans-ness" and turn her into a man.

It's interesting that the LGBTQ community and its supporters are so upset about the stereotypical treatment that they claim to receive at the hands of white straight men, yet they simultaneously insist on wearing precisely the stereotypical clothing that is associated with their gender of choice, considering the denial of that option a denial of their humanity. Indeed, for all its claims to edginess, the very concept of "trans" is rooted in an embrace of stereotypes.

CeCe, apparently with regard to the Department of Corrections: "I feel like they try to make you hate yourself as someone who's not conforming."

NOTE: Zero evidence is produced in the documentary to support this statement. More of the "pile-it-on" strategy of the left.


There wasn't a day when I didn't catch something from someone about being a black trans woman.

NOTE: This man (sorry, woman) is patently WHITE. If you don't believe your own two eyes (blinded by the 50-cent words of leftist academicians), just ask 23andme. But the left in America has ironically embraced the "one drop" mentality of colonial America in assigning the black/white label, the better to grow their "black" numbers while perpetuating an us/them mentality that indefinitely puts off racial reconciliation. For they don't want racial equality, since it would put race baiters like Al Sharpton and Angela Davis out of business (both of whom, by the way, would be called "white" as well in a sane world, assuming that a sane world would ever divide us into two such increasingly meaningless and counterproductive categories in the first place).


It is our duty to fight!
--trans woman "of color" leading group chant

NOTE: So much for the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. As if to leave no doubt that the protestors need not rely on the measly power of love, the chant leader follows up with the line: "It is our duty to win!" and "If you've got scissors in your bag, take them out!" Sieg heil anyone?


We can't talk about any type of liberation unless we talk about the racism in the LGBTQ community. --CeCe

NOTE: A nice example of leftists eating their own. Racism in the LGBTQ community? And this after CeCe got her freedom back thanks to the colorblind outpouring of that very community. It's breathtaking ingratitude that only makes sense according to the abstract and evermore rarefied criteria of Angela Davis, whose bleak, cynical and pessimistic vision of the moral universe (full of abstract references to systems and structures) manages to find prejudice in absolutely everyone who disagrees with her (and, indeed, in many who don't!) A convenient viewpoint, that, to deny the ability of your opponents to even have an educated opinion on the subject at hand. It cuts down on the pesky need to support your theory against actual logical rebuttals.

So the video ends with even CeCe's staunchest biracial supporters being branded as racists and sexists, without one shred of evidence being offered on behalf of this strange last-minute broadside.

Does the rational world need any more proof that CeCe's ad hoc leftist radicalism is not concerned with ending racism at all, but rather with sustaining the moral clout with which race baiters like Angela Davis and Al Sharpton can continue to bludgeon the politically incorrect, no matter how well-meaning those non-PC heretics may appear to be from any merely logical point of view?


The documentary makes at least two points convincingly.

1) The interview footage and testimony suggests that the detectives never considered the event from the point of view of a possible hate crime, in which case, the protests clearly helped in this regard. (That said, the documentary's many other deficiencies can't help but make the skeptical wonder if the producers merely withheld information and footage that would have counteracted this impression of an oversight on the part of the detectives.)

2) CeCe's attack on tourist traffic to Alcatraz is compelling, although both she and Laverne Cox gild the lily by suggesting that prisons hold (and have held) nothing but oppressed minorities waiting for a chance, rather than murderers and torturers, whose victims themselves were all the colors of the skin-pigment rainbow. Again, we see that anti-philosophical tendency to ignore all truths that fail to support the documentary's radical narrative. According to this anti-philosophical view of the world, a mere statistical preponderance of minorities in prisons is itself prima facie evidence of racism. That conclusion is, of course, palpably false, but it doesn't stop Angela Davis from using it as a premise for insisting that prisons are an invention of "the man" (that genocidal anbi-black, colonial, misogynist and ablist monster, according to Eric Stanley) to keep minorities down.

Cece is also taking for granted that she can read the hearts of everyone visiting Alcatraz. She assumes that it's all about flippancy and racism. She may be a mind reader, but if so, she should give the audience her credentials before grouping all prison visitors into one disreputable category. It's an historic prison and a more generous mind could envision a variety of reasons for visiting it, and, in fact, prison reformers would be woefully negligent NOT to visit such a prison if they're hoping to criticize prison systems and prison life advisedly.

Again we see the radical left tendency to immediately draw the most damning explanation possible for behavior that you condemn.

One problem with such over-the-top radicalism is that it leaves us with no language to use when we encounter true purposeful evil in the world of punishment, like the practice of cutting off the hands of robbers in certain Middle Eastern locations or the Nazi practice of killing homosexuals. For all its shortcomings, our society is at least attempting to base its prosecutions on "the rule of law", and before we discard that system, let's remember how evil the many alternatives have proven to be in practice. It was in response to that evil that the rule of law was adopted in the first place (see English history, Angela), and not thanks to some diabolical conscious scheme to marginalize minorities.

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