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Brian responds to 'Science may get sidelined in artificial turf debate' in Science News, April 21, 2015, by Beth Mole

Affirmative Action Pronouns

I thought Science News editors had gotten rid of the "affirmative action" pronouns, but this article starts out by talking about "our child" as if she were a SHE. As I keep reminding Science News, the whole reason for not using the pronoun HE in the first place was that the '70s feminists disagreed with the notion that HE could refer to "both males and females." If we grant that long-accepted supposition, then I see no reason now why I should be forced to accept the notion that SHE can refer to "both males and females."

Suggested rewrite:

"Your child's playground might be teeming with toxic chemicals. The city park could expose them (or "him or her") to noxious dust."

It may not "read" quite as easily, but it's more accurate and less charged with the suggestion of a misplaced progressive or feminist agenda on the part of the author.

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